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roundhouse kicks rule

December 21, 2007

Instead of wrapping gifts I am starting a new blog. This is why: I keep thinking of things I want to write about, and then I never do. I want to write about the yelling childrens’ voices in my son’s Christmas program, screaming “Merry Christmas **** Elementary” and how, in spite of the noise, they moved me to tears.

And then I want to write about fitness. I’m learning a martial art right now and how does that compare with all the other things I’ve tried to learn? The tennis, the skiing, the ballroom dancing, each of which I was awful at? Just terrible. But today in class, the instructor held out the paddle we’re supposed to kick, and I just swung out my knee in a roundhouse kick, my leg chambered tight, and I nailed that target. The thwack echoed in the gym and it felt fabulous. She claims, my instructor, that anyone can be a black belt, and I want to say, anyone? Really? Even the very worst person in every PE class known? Even the one whose lowest grades were always PE? Even before I had weight issues, I had coordination issues.

I am learning this from my martial arts, though: I always thought, before, that athletes had some kind of coordination gift. And some of them do. But I think what they really have is a deep love of the game that makes them want to work at it and practice it. It’s the same way I feel about writing a good essay, this need to polish and perfect. I’ve never felt that way about atheltics before, that ability and desire to analyze and polish.

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