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stay awake

December 28, 2007

the song from Mary Poppins that I live this time of night. I hate going to bed on time. I think it’s leftover from my childhood: now that I can stay up as late as I want, sometimes I do, even though part of me is thinking that if only I went to bed early I could get up early and live that perfect, house-of-order Fly Lady Marie Ricks sort of day.

This is what happens in that day:
the house stays clean, because I clean up every mess right after it happens
also, I organize all the toys
and the kids’ clothes
and do my family history
and bake bread
and, I am so on top of things that when the Spirit inspires me to contact someone, instead of squelching the thought or dismissing it, I actually do it.

That’s the point of order. I make fun of it a bit, as I do with things I am bad at, things that make me insecure. But the point of order, of organizing, is to free up your life so you can serve other people without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a preparation for service–to your kids, to yourself.

So. I’m going to bed now.

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  1. May 27, 2008 5:30 am

    Oh, I always loved that “stay awake” lullabye. So oppositional. it used to be one I’d sing.

    Recently, my five-year-old insisted I sing her a lullabye, because she broke her music box. I started singing that camp song about the rabbit that hides from the hunters in a cabin in the woods.

    my husband just walked by to remind me to get some sleep.

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