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huckabee and obama are fun to say

January 4, 2008

It’s true. They are both fun to say, they roll trippingly off the tongue, as Dave Barry pointed out. Huckabeehuckabeehuckabee. Obamaobamaobama. And maybe that is why they won the Iowa caucus, maybe we all have some visceral need to resonate with our leaders’ names.

Or not. Because I suspect that what’s really going on here, for Republicans anyway, is this… people don’t want a Mormon president. That’s core. Once you’ve made up your mind that Mormons give you the willies, then what happens is you pick and choose which facts you want to support your position, and those facts become the most important ones to you, because they support what you believe deep down.

So someone could say, it’s not Romney’s Mormonism, it’s the fact that he’s poured so much money into Iowa. Does he think we can be bought? (That in itself is a jab at Mormonism, since there are people who think there’s a vast Mormon conspiracy at work in Romney’s campaign.) And I don’t like all those negative ads, and the slick way he flip-flops. But if, at heart, that person was not bothered by Mormonism, maybe they would focus on different facts: Romney’s successful Olympics and business experience, his clean-cut image.

I do it too: I’m anti-Giuliani, because I just hate the idea of someone who had such public extramarital affairs, affairs that rubbed his wife’s face in it, becoming president. That’s a big thing for me: no more blatant adulterers in the White House! So I pick and choose which facts are most important to me to support that one gut reaction. I focus on his adultery instead of his successful de-smutting New York City turnaround.

I usually vote Republican, but I’m not decided. Don’t like Romney’s immigration stance, don’t like McCain’s campaign finance, don’t like Giuliani’s adultery, don’t like Huckabee’s smooth anti-Mormon bigotry, don’t feel much like supporting or getting to know the positions of someone who’s definitely not going to win. I need a hero! And it ain’t happening.

But in the meantime, Huckabee and Obama are fun to say. Huckabeehuckabeehuckabeeobamaobamaobama.

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  1. gillyweed permalink
    January 4, 2008 10:03 pm

    You have to admit, though, that Huckabee would be a difficult guy to protest. Think of all the “Stop Bush!” “Bush Lied!” signs protesters use. Somehow, “Stop Huckabee!” doesn’t have the same ring to it. You just have to smile, despite yourself.

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