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Don’t Cry for Dave Archuleta, part 2

May 22, 2008

I’ve been saving this post to write after David lost. And he just did. And I was going to write this long thing about how he’s too young for fame, and heaven forbid he should turn into some sad washed-up kid, and the earlier he got out the better. He will always have a nice little career in Utah, when this star fades.

But you know, he really wanted this, and he didn’t get it. Still not worth crying over, though, because he’s a good kid, and I am really glad this season is over. You have to understand I hardly ever care enough about a show to actually record it and watch it later, and I am relieved that I no longer have anything invested in my television set. It’s a bit of a point of pride with me, and so I always feel a little humiliated whenever I let myself get too caught up in television. Blogs, now, those are completely different. No shame at all in checking my favorite blog [number deleted to preserve my dignity] times a day to see if there’s another comment or if someone responded to what I said. Blogs are where it’s at.

But best of luck to David; he’s very talented and just a good person. And hooray for Brooke White too! Every time I see her modesty compared to the other singers, I feel so grateful for her willingness to be true to what she believes, in front of the whole world.

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