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Obama is going to be fun to say for a long time

November 5, 2008

On one of my earliest blog posts, I mentioned this truth: Huckabee and Obama are fun to say.

Now we’re going to be saying “Obama” for a lot longer.  Part of me has this feeling of foreboding. While I like to listen to his lovely swelling rhetoric,  I disagree with Obama on just about every possible policy issue I can think of.

  • I am appalled that part of his economic package includes taxing the wealthy and redistributing the money to people who pay no taxes.  That’s not a tax cut, although he mislabels it as such.  It. is. wrong. Not just morally but also economically.  Real tax cuts=better economy.  Reading the Wall Street Journal nearly every day for the last eight years has pounded that into my head. I’m a believer.  I may benefit personally from his policies, but I think they are the last thing our troubled economy needs (an economy that, I would say, owes its problems to Alan Greenspan’s loose credit, and the Democrats who forced Fannie Mae and other lenders to lend to bad credit risks, as well as Bush’s bumbling).
  • I am horrified at his support of partial birth abortion.
  • I am unsettled at the way he speaks of religious people when they are not around to hear his condescension.
  • I think he has too little actual executive experience to be a good administrator.
  • I feel like America has been bamboozled by hopeful words and a pretty face, and by the promise of an end to white guilt.

And there it is, the reason I am, in spite of my conservatism, a little happy about the election results: It’s a sweet thing to see a black face in the White House.  It’s a triumph of the American Dream, it’s all the hopes and even cliches turned into this truth: in America, you can rise above prejudice and poverty and turn into the leader of the free world.  What a gift.

Is Obama enough, though?  Really, how far can rhetoric and style take us?

A long way. I hope.

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  1. November 10, 2008 5:42 pm

    I have to say I am right there with you– hoping for the best, but in disagreement with him on some many things

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