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Tell me why you love Obama

November 6, 2008

I listened to the full acceptance speech today. He’s a great speaker, powerful and resonant and real. He said he was my president too.  And such is the force of his voice that I almost believed him.

I’m interested in hearing from Obama supporters out there: tell me what he’s going to do that you are excited about.  I realize that everyone, including me, is excited about his persona, who he is, what he represents.  But is that persona enough for you? Are there actual policies he’s planning to implement that you’re thrilled to see happen? Which ones?  How can you trust that he’ll be able to govern well when he’s not even finished a full term in the Senate?

These are not snarky questions; they are sincere.  I won’t shoot down your answers; I want to understand where you’re coming from.

I’d like to have more hope for the next four years than I do right now; after all, he’s supposed to be my president too.

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