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So-so Sewing

May 14, 2009

IMG_6617This is the adventure of my baby blanket sewing. Before I begin, let me state that I can sew straightish lines. That is all. Every so often I get the urge to use my amazing ability to sew straightish lines and actually make something. The last few times, it’s been one of those minkie baby blankets that have mitered corners (ooh! ahhh!) and are pretty easy to sew together, after just one crucial step is complete: both pieces of fabric, the flannel and the minkie, must be perfectly square. If they are not perfectly square, the blanket turns out like the reject blanket in my son’s dresser. That one I made last time I got the sewing urge, and it was so misshapen upon completion that I ended up keeping it and making a whole nother one. I should donate it to a shelter or something. They could use it. But then, I would feel bad about donating something that looks like that, even if it is soft.

The last few times I’ve made these, I have spent hours and hours trying to square fabric. I get it almost there, and then I measure and it’s not right, so I cut it smaller. The fabric gets smaller and smaller as I attempt to make it more and more square, till finally I give up and realize that no blanket is going to happen at all this way, so I take whatever squareness I’ve got and try to turn it into a blanket.

But this time was going to be different. Because I have an amazing super sewing genius in my ward, and when I was whining about this to her she kindly offered to help me square fabric anytime. So I called her, and went over that very morning, and left triumphant, with my fabric all squared, and the comforting knowledge that even a sewing expert can get just a bit frustrated when squaring fabric. Just a bit, though; she was on top of it. (It did occur to me, though, that “square” and “swear” rhyme. For a reason, I say.)

I got home, I sewed almost an entire blanket, and then on the last overstitch I realized that it had huge buckling problems and so I unpicked the whole thing. And then, worse still, I realized that I had neglected to prewash my lovingly squared fabric. Having committed this sin before, I know that unprewashed fabric becomes distorted the first time it gets washed. So I washed all my nicely squared fabric, for the blanket I had sewn and the others I planned to make. And then I had to square it again, myself (I was too embarrassed to call her).

But it turned out! In spite of my imperfect squaring, it turned out!

And now the sewing urge has passed. Whew.

(note: I should mention that the blanket pictured is not the one I had already sewn almost all of. That fabric… still needs help. But at least this one turned out.)

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  1. May 17, 2009 3:30 am

    I need instructions on squaring. I made a most interesting pillow sham a few years ago!!

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