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Segullah Summer 2009: Gifts of the Spirit

September 29, 2009

This is my last Segullah issue as Associate Editor. I was so glad when Kathy and the Segullah board decided that Gifts of the Spirit would be our theme, because every essay I’ve written could fit into that category: Finding Myself on Google, Beauty for Ashes, Daily Bread, and now Tongue of Angels, all center around spiritual gifts.* I think, based on the kind of submissions we received, that I must think of spiritual gifts in a different/weird way. For me, gifts of the Spirit are more about receiving divine wisdom to cope with my current need, than about … spiritual confirmations of truth. Confirmation of truth is part of them, I guess, but I see spiritual gifts as going above and beyond testimony confirmation. I think they help you live better, align yourself with divine currents better.

My favorite piece in this issue is one of our feature articles, my aunt Barbara’s great piece on dreams as spiritual gifts. It’s so good. I don’t always pay attention to my dreams, but when I do I learn important things about myself. I love that dreams are such a part of LDS culture. You hear dream stories in conference fairly often, and, based on Barbara’s research, this is unique among American Protestant faiths.

I am also a fan of the other essays and poems, and especially the art. Leslie Graff, our featured artist, is one of the kindest people I know, and her art reflects that deep sense of connection with each other and with God.

Go check it out online! The print edition is sold out, but you can subscribe to our next issue, which will be a double issue featuring both contest winners and writing with a dating/marriage/courtship theme. I am taking a break from editing this time around, and it’s been a good thing for me. I still blog there once a month, though.

*Google is about the gift of mothering; Beauty for Ashes about appreciating the gift of creating beauty (and creating it myself); Daily Bread about the gift of being able to eat food on my mission; and Tongue of Angels is about the gift of angelic visitations. Most of these are not listed in D&C 46 or Moroni 10, but I see them as gifts anyway.

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